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Arbitration and Mediation in UAE
The country has recently introduced some forward-looking reforms and initiatives in the areas of Arbitration and Mediation in the UAE that are worth knowing about. As someone interested in the legal and business landscape of the Middle East, you’ll want to keep up with how the UAE is enhancing its attractiveness for international companies and...
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Decree 23 of 2022: A Game-Changer for the Dubai Banking Sector
Dubai, UAE- The UAE since January 2, 2023 has embarked on a transformative journey in its Dubai Banking Sector with the unveiling of Decree-Law No. 23 of 2022. This decree has sent ripples through the financial community, impacting how banks operate and provide financial services . Let’s delve into the key aspects of this pivotal...
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AMENDMENT IN TAX LAWS UAE has made changes in the value-added tax legislation. The Federal Decree-Law No. 18 of 2022 has amended the Federal Decree-Law No. 8 of 2017 concerning Value added tax rules. The new decree was issued by H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed AI Nahyan (President of UAE) on 26th September 2022 and...
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Top FDI Destination for tourism
“Dubai will never settle for anything less than first place”- HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.  Keeping the streak alive, Dubai, for the fifth time in a row, beat the leading cities of the world and earned the top spot in FDI capitals, projects, and job creation in the Tourism sector in 2021. The...
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Lawyers in Dubai
(Bsb Legal) UAE is an investor-friendly country. Investors get high returns on their investments with no tax liability as such. The country offers 100% foreign ownership across 13 sectors, 100% repatriation and long-term renewable residence visas.  UAE is a safe and desirable spot for big business houses making it a land of opportunities. The investor...
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Copyright refers to the legal right of an individual over the creativity of his/her mind. It gives the owner an exclusive right to adapt, disseminate, and create copies of the original work. It is mainly intended to protect the creativity of an artist from the exploitation of others and give due credit to his work....
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A registered trademark not only provides an identity to the business but it also induces confidence in the customer regarding the qualitative superiority of the product. In literal terms, “unfair competition” refers to the adoption of unfair or dishonest practices to gain an edge over the competitors. This term is widely used in the context...
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After the covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, the whole world has shifted to a virtual platform. All the business transactions are required to operate remotely and it led to the signing of documents electronically. In common words, it is known as e-signature. One of the most widely used e-signature is “Digital Signature”. What is...
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From 11th April, 2022, the Government of UAE will not issue residence visa stamps to the foreign nationals residing in the country. In an official announcement, the  Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security stated that UAE expatriates will receive an Emirate Identity Card (ID Card) in place of the earlier visa permits....
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In UAE, the use of the internet for prostitution and other illicit activities will attract imprisonment and a fine of AED 1 million. In this era of the internet, there is an alarming rise in incidents involving fake news, bullying, harassment, prostitution, etc. To curb this menace, UAE issued Federal Decree-Law No. 34 of 2021...
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