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Maritime Law in the UAE is a complicated field of law. It governs different vessels, sailors, movement of ships employed in the water, navigation, recreational boating, commerce on waters, towing, fishing, crime on open water and shipping.  UAE has one of the busiest seaports in the world which makes export and import activities essential to the UAE economy. We, the best firm in UAE, will take care of your maritime law requirements. Our team will do everything to get a person a full compensation claim for injuries sustained in navigable water.  Our maritime lawyers are experts in this field and are well-equipped to give focused, prompt and cost-effective solutions. BSB legal consultants is a leading firm in Dubai that will serve you with the best attorneys of maritime law.

Services included:

Consultation and representation in matters related to mortgage of vessels; personal injury claims and casualty; the arrest of vessels; the Master and Crew of a vessel; affreightment contracts and carriage of goods; carriage of people; carrier identity; marine debt; maritime pollution; claim for damaged & lost goods; towage and pilotage of vessels; collisions that involve vessels; vessel owner’s liability and claims; bill of lading disputes; salvage involving vessels; general average; marine and maritime insurance; potential risk insurance; time bar/limit of maritime claims; registration of vessels; documentation of vessels; ownership and use of vessels; right to a lien on a vessel’s cargo and chartering of vessels plus related disputes; and crew wages.