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In today’s world people prefer arbitration in order to stay out of the court as it provides advantages such as, cost reduction, resolution of the issue in a more efficient manner, reduced emotional stress, the rules and procedures are more flexible etc.

Our team of arbitration lawyers at BSB Legal Consultants have been working for a long time in providing consultation and advice in arbitration cases all over UAE. Our facility to provide for such services is not limited to UAE only, but extends to overseas as well. The approach we follow while carrying out such services is maintaining of close contact with other lawyers and with in-house counsel of various multinational firm. We are well aware of the fact that without a proper acquaintance of the know how’s of the subject matter of the arbitration, one cannot proceed forward to provide alternatives for something which he is not aware of. Therefore, the policy of our firm assures that the arbitration lawyer which is assigned to the specific arbitration matter is well aware of all the provisions and laws prevailing in that sector and has adequate experience in providing the services.

Our team has represented clients in different forums including the apex court. The firm also has gain expertise in area of litigation that is complex in nature. Our team of arbitration lawyers have also handled high profile cases. We have represented various firms such as, banking institutions in leading business sectors, SMEs and large companies in matters such as recovery proceedings, criminal matters and civil matters

Since the country is experiencing an increase in the number of companies and corporate relationships being established, it has led to a boost in the number of contracts and thereby the disputes related to such contracts. The overall impact of the same is that there is an escalation in the requirement of the experts who can provide proper guidance related to specific industrial dispute which are inclusive of specific laws and provisions. We at BSB Legal Consultants believe in engaging with the client at every step of the arbitration proceeding. The focal point of our experienced team will be to provide with the best alternatives to the clients so that they can reconcile their matters in a profitable and efficacious way.

We undertake the approach of proactive and creative arbitration proceedings which are mainly undertaken to encourage negotiation and avoid expensive and time consuming court processes. Our arbitration practice is not limited to the domestic arbitration but also expands to international arbitration as well.