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We, at BSB Legal Consultants endeavour every area of dispute resolution. Our team of best civil lawyers is involved in disseminating various suggestions and advises in almost all the combative dispute resolution matters that involve various other laws such as corporate law, taxation law, real estate law, criminal law etc.

The main focus of our team of dispute resolution lawyers is to make sure that the client is relieved from the litigation risk and its cost through a way of initiation of compliance of every procedure of dispute resolution.

Our firm consist of best lawyers of Dubai who are known to have given some best advises to its renowned clients in case of issues that involve complex problems. What makes our lawyers stand out from the rest is their approach towards these dispute resolution cases. It involves an approach focused on tailored solutions and factually perceiving the issue of the client, in order to find the best alternative recourse for the clients.

Debt recovery refers to overdue invoices for the entities, individuals and other organizations. The amount involved in it is quite high which often ends up making the person concerned or the entity concerned, bankrupt. Therefore it is essential to take up advice from an expert on a right time to avoid such a situation.

Our Civil Lawyers comprises of remarkably experienced debt lawyers who have attained their expertise in debt collection and the other alternatives available to recover the funds such as alternate dispute resolution. The services offered by our team includes, an action plan tailored specifically for the case in hand of individual clients. Having suffice know how’s about the legislation and procedure of the debt recovery, our lawyers stand out to provide exceptional advises and assistance to the clients, in order to achieve favorable outcomes. They also are well aware of the regulations and limitations as for filing of the application and proceeding forward with the same, which ensures that all the regulations are complied with on time.

Our debt collection attorneys represent various stakeholders such as unsecured as well as secured creditors, equity holders, debtors, suppliers as well as trustees. We provide a platform to our clients where they can freely engage with their attorneys to secure a favorable settlement by successfully ignoring the expensive and complicated litigation. Our team of debt collecting attorneys focus on settling the issues instead of taking the matter up in litigation, after vetting the situation of the clients by considering factors such as position of the parties, nature of claim involved, ascertaining of the kind and degree of the breach and comprehending the strategy that will be required for up keeping the interest of the clients in distress.