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The success of business can be measured through assets such as logos, trade names, ideas, content, trade secret, brand identification, music art, and manufacturing processes, which are commonly referred to as intellectual property and form an inseparable part of the business.

Our team of IPR lawyers at BSB Legal Consultants pursue excellence in the area of Intellectual Property Rights by undertaking the most efficacious and influential practices in this area. Our Team of IPR Lawyers at UAE are ingenious, logical, proficient and accomplished in carving out great opportunities and system that are well capable of preventing the intellectual property of the clients. Our specializations are inclusive of registration of trademark, registration of patents, licensing, searching of trademarks, prosecution of trademarks, matters related to assignment, trademark counselling, counselling and registration of copyrights, exploring the potential of patents involved and facilitating the application of the patents, licensing of all kinds of intellectual property rights, filing of NDAs, initiating endorsement contracts, litigation and counselling, etc. 

BSB Legal Consultants is a preeminent law firm focusing on construction law that disseminates high quality legal services throughout UAE, in addition to various other areas abroad. Our lawyers possess a wide range of knowledge with respect to the legal aspect of almost all the sectors of the construction industry along with energy sector, which is inclusive of engineering procurement and contracting, infrastructure and manufacturing facilities. Our team of lawyers specialised in construction law are also responsible for suggesting and advising its clients on matters of management, development and financing of new projects that the clients undertake.

The civil lawyers at our firm have specialised practice in every area of construction and infrastructure law. They tend to represent various parties such as facility managers, contractors, developers, employers etc. We are devoted in keeping our clients updated in accordance to the legal developments that take place every now and then.

Our team assumes the role of the negotiator for negotiating contracts. In addition to this, they are well capable of creating bids and documents that are related to the tender. They also display their expertise in cases of private public partnership projects as well as matters of administration and risk management. In cases of breach of contract, claims that are subject matter of destruction or loss of property, insurance matters along with their coverage, dispute resolution and litigation.

We also own the requisite skills and capability for the purpose of undertaking various construction contracts which are mainly focused on various factors such as risk, responsibilities and considerations needed for the satisfactory performance of a construction project.