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UAE is an investor-friendly country. Investors get high returns on their investments with no tax liability as such. The country offers 100% foreign ownership across 13 sectors, 100% repatriation and long-term renewable residence visas. 

UAE is a safe and desirable spot for big business houses making it a land of opportunities. The investor shall investigate the location of the property, size, market conditions and available facilities as these factors could affect the rate of return on the property. 

Our top property lawyers in Dubai have prepared a list of reasons which can influence your decision about property investment in the UAE:

  1. Constantly growing cities: The economy of UAE is booming right now and will continue to grow in the years to come. With world-class infrastructure, it holds the trust of many investors around the world.
  2. Rent-to-own Scheme: Under this scheme, the buyer can pay the rent as well as save for a down payment. This scheme has facilitated the entry of new investors into the property market.
  3. Tax-free: Just like other sectors, the real estate market is also free from tax liability. No VAT, no tax on income and business profits which leaves the investors with more cash in hand.
  4. Safe and secure: The country has a civilized society with a low-crime rate. The Standard of living is also very high. Not to mention, the law-and-order situation is always under control. 
  5. Growing population: UAE has a multicultural population with over 200 nationalities residing in the emirate of Dubai alone. The country attracts talent from across the globe which makes it a melting point of world ethnicities.
  6. Regulated framework: The real estate laws and regulations ensure the protection of investors’ interests. The Dubai Land Department (DLD) is in charge of the registration of the purchase and sale of real estate property. The department drafts and publishes regulatory frameworks for investments in the real estate sector. Real Estate Agency monitors developmental projects to protect the rights of investors.
  7. Residency in no time: New visa system (green visa) for investors has been implemented from October 2022. Eligible investors can get a visa for 5years with an easy renewal process. The applicants are also eligible for a 60-day entry work permit in order to complete the visa application process in the country itself.
  8. Rental yields: Emirates like Dubai offers higher property yields than the most developed cities in the world. Property investment in Dubai can get an average rental yield of between 7% which attracts a lot of investors to this gulf country.

If an interested investor cannot afford to pay a big lump sum amount, it is suggested by our best property lawyers in UAE(United Arab Emirates) invest in an off-plan property. There are various schemes offered by developers involving flexible payment plans and down payments. Generally, Down payments for ready-made properties are much higher than for off-plan properties. If the investor seeks immediate returns, buying ready property is a better option for him.


UAE is a vibrant and dynamic country, if you want to explore the real estate market of UAE then invest in the property market with the help of our team of lawyers. Explore the endless opportunities that this country has to offer, you will not be disappointed.

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