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How to File a Criminal Case in Dubai: A Guide for Victims?

You’ve been wronged. Someone has committed a crime against you, and justice must be served. Filing a Criminal Case in Dubai may seem like an intimidating process, but don’t lose hope. You have rights, and the UAE legal system is on your side. With the proper steps and documentation, you can pursue legal action against anyone who has victimized you. It will take courage and perseverance, but you owe it to yourself to stand up for your rights. This guide will walk you through exactly what you need to do to file a criminal complaint, collect evidence, work with the police and prosecutors, and ultimately ensure that the perpetrator faces consequences for their unlawful actions. Stay strong, remain determined, and keep your head held high. Justice will prevail.

Understanding the Criminal Justice System in Dubai

To file a criminal case in Dubai, it’s important to understand how their legal system works.

Dubai follows civil law based on French and Roman law, not common law. Cases are decided based on codified laws, not precedent. The court system has three levels: Courts of First Instance, Courts of Appeal, and the Court of Cassation for final appeals.

Criminal cases

Criminal cases are initiated by the police and public prosecution, not individuals. As a victim, you report the crime to the police who conduct an investigation. If there is enough evidence, the public prosecution files charges.

  • Minor crimes like petty theft may result in fines or short jail time.
  • Severe crimes like assault can lead to prison sentences of over 10 years.

You can report a crime at any police station or call 999. Provide details about what happened, names of perpetrators if known, and any evidence like photos or videos. The police may interview you and other witnesses, examine the crime scene, check security cameras, and analyse forensic evidence.

If the prosecution presses charges, you may be called as a witness in court. As a victim, you can also file a civil case to claim compensation. Understanding the system and your rights will help you pursue justice. With determination and patience, the truth will come to light.

Steps to File a Criminal Complaint with the Police in Dubai

To file a criminal complaint in Dubai, follow these steps:

Reporting the Crime

Report the crime as soon as possible to the nearest police station. Bring any evidence you may have, like photos, videos, or documents. The police will record your statement and may ask you to identify suspects or stolen property. Cooperate fully with the investigating officers.

Filing the Complaint

File an official complaint at the police station, describing exactly what happened. Be prepared to provide details like names of people involved, location of the incident, time, date, etc. The police may have you review and sign your written statement. Ask for a copy of the First Information Report (FIR) for your records.

Following Up

Check in regularly on the status of your case and offer any additional details that could help. The police may ask you to identify suspects in a line-up or look through records to find stolen goods. While the wheels of justice turn slowly, your active participation will help speed resolution.

With determination and patience, you can pursue justice through proper legal channels. Many victims find that filing a criminal complaint and following the proper steps provides a sense of closure and helps prevent repeat offenses. Though the process can be time-consuming, you owe it to yourself—and society—to see it through. Staying vigilant will help make Dubai safer for all.

Hiring the Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai for Your Case

When filing a criminal case in Dubai, hiring an experienced criminal defence lawyer is crucial. They can help guide you through the complex legal process and build a strong case on your behalf.

Find Lawyers with Relevant Experience

Look for lawyers in Dubai who specialize in criminal law and have experience handling cases similar to yours. Check their credentials, education, experience, and client reviews to determine their expertise. Meet with a few lawyers for initial consultations to find one you connect with.

Discuss Your Legal Strategy

Once you hire a lawyer, discuss your case details and options for moving forward. They can determine if you have grounds to file charges, and the best way to build evidence to support your case. Work with your lawyer to develop a legal strategy based on the specifics of UAE criminal law.

File a Police Report

To start a criminal case, you must first file an official police report. Your lawyer can help you properly document the details of the incident and submit the report to the police. The police will then investigate and determine if there are grounds to press charges.

Attend Court Hearings

If charges are filed, your lawyer will represent you in court and attend all necessary hearings on your behalf. Be prepared to testify as a witness to provide details about what happened. Your lawyer will question you to establish key facts for the case.

Hiring experienced criminal lawyers in Dubai is the best way to navigate the legal system as a victim of a crime. They can advise you on the law, build a compelling case, and work to achieve the best possible outcome. With the right legal counsel and cooperation, you have a strong chance of achieving justice.


You’ve gone through the difficult process of reporting the crime and providing your statement to the police. Now the real work begins as your case makes its way through the Dubai legal system. Have patience and remain engaged – make sure to attend all required court hearings and provide any follow up information or documentation requested. Seek legal counsel if needed to help guide you through the complexities. Though the road ahead may be long, stay focused on achieving justice and closure. You took the first brave steps, now continue putting one foot in front of the other. Before you know it, you will come out the other side, able to move on from this challenging chapter knowing you did the right thing by standing up for yourself and others. Justice prevailed because of your courage and conviction.