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Though marriage is an extremely pious relationship, it sometimes gets extremely bitter and adverse where the couple feels suffocated, and getting divorced appears to be a plausible decision.At this juncture, choosing a perfect divorce attorney becomes highly important considering its sensitive nature and impact on our life. A well-qualified and experienced divorce lawyer of UAE can not only make this process extremely smooth but also protect us from unnecessary mental pressure. In this article, we will discuss how to find the best divorce lawyer in the UAE, and how he can assist us thoroughly.

What is divorce?
In the words of our lawyers from the top law firm of UAE, the annulment or breaking down of this contract of marriage is known as divorce. The provisions of Federal Law No. (28) of 2005 (UAE Personal Status Law) govern all the provisions pertaining to divorce in the country. Both the husband and wife, irrespective of nationality, can make an application for divorce.

Finding a divorce attorney: Key points to remember

  • At the outset, you should remember that lawyers are not only needed at the time of court marriage but they also play a very vital role in divorce proceedings.
  • Our best divorce lawyers of UAE have suggested that people should be mindful of the fact that a lawyer is not only for assistance but also he is your representative in the court. A good representation can create all the difference in the court.
  • Every lawyer has a different style of working. Before choosing someone, you need to ensure your comparability with him. If you are not feeling comfortable sharing your personal information, it’s an indication that the concerned lawyer is not a perfect fit for you.
  • To find the best divorce lawyers of UAE, you need to make a choice among various divorce processes, such as mediation, counseling, etc. Most of the time, the divorce is referred to a counselor. At that time, you need a person who has relevant experience in the past.

Find out an affordable lawyer
To find the best divorce lawyers in the UAE, it is essential to choose someone who doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on your pocket. The legal cost involved in the process is one of the main factors that govern the choice of a person. However, our best divorce lawyers have cautioned that you shouldn’t make a foolish choice in an attempt to save some pennies. This factor is quite subjective in nature and depends upon the financial ability of the person.

Choose a lawyer having a good name in the market
Our best divorce lawyers from a top UAE law firm have suggested that you should consult someone instead of making decisions on your own. Try to take references of the attorneys who have solid practice areas in this field. Moreover, through referrals, the legal fee charged by the lawyer can be negotiated.


In a nutshell, you should choose the best divorce lawyer of UAE for the divorce proceedings. While making a choice, you should keep some factors in mind, such as the practice area of the lawyer, relevant experience, accessibility, the cost involved, etc. To find out the best divorce lawyers near me, contact us.

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