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In UAE, the use of the internet for prostitution and other illicit activities will attract imprisonment and a fine of AED 1 million. In this era of the internet, there is an alarming rise in incidents involving fake news, bullying, harassment, prostitution, etc. To curb this menace, UAE issued Federal Decree-Law No. 34 of 2021 (UAE Cybercrime Law).

In this article, we will discuss online prostitution and its punishments with the help of our best criminal lawyers of UAE.

What is online prostitution?
In the opinion of our best criminal lawyers of Dubai, the act of engaging in sexual relations by using the internet in exchange for money can be termed ‘online prostitution’. Women offer sexual favors through a website address or social media platforms. Normally, the owner of the website displays the photos of the girls, and the interested person can easily contact them.

It is suggested by our top criminal lawyers of Dubai that prostitution is completely banned as it is believed to be against the basic tenets of Shariah Law. Prostitution is governed by the provisions of the UAE Penal Code. However, for online prostitution, some specific provisions are incorporated in the newly enacted UAE Cybercrime Law.

Punishment for online prostitution

As pointed out by our top criminal lawyers of Dubai, whosoever incites or entices another to engage in prostitution using a computer network or information technology shall be punished with simple imprisonment of one year. Further, the accused shall be subject to a minimum fine of AED 250,000 which can be extended to AED 1 million. It is pertinent to note that the accused shall be subject to a minimum of 5 years imprisonment if the victim of the prostitution is a child.

In addition to prostitution, Article 23 of UAE Cybercrime Law provides a strict punishment if any person uses a computer network or information technology to conduct organ or human trafficking. The punishment entails temporary imprisonment and a fine that can be extended up to AED 1,000,000.

Online prostitution involves the usage of the internet for sexual activities in exchange for money. It is prohibited in the country, and UAE Cybercrime Law provides a punishment of AED 1 million. If you are a victim of prostitution, it is strongly advisable to take the assistance of our top criminal lawyers of Dubai.

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