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Your Guide to the UAE’s Civil Procedure Law No. 42 of 2022!

Are you ready to navigate the latest updates to civil litigation in the UAE? The recently enacted Federal Law No. 42 of 2022 is set to significantly impact how civil cases proceed through the UAE court system. Whether you’re embroiled in an ongoing dispute or just want to understand your rights, this guide will walk you through the key changes under the new law. Forget wading through pages of legal jargon – we’ve distilled the most important updates into an easy to understand overview. You’ll learn how the rules of evidence and procedures for filing and responding to civil lawsuits have been amended to promote greater efficiency, transparency and fairness. By the end, you’ll feel equipped to take on any civil matter with confidence knowing the ins and outs of this progressive new law. The future of civil justice in the UAE is here – let’s dive in.

An Overview of UAE’s New Civil Procedure Law No. 42 of 2022

The new UAE Civil Procedure Law No. 42 of 2022 that came into effect on June 22, 2022 aims to improve the efficiency and fairness of civil litigation in the UAE. Some of the key changes in the new law include:

Streamlined procedures

The new law simplifies procedures to reduce the time and cost of civil cases. It introduces time limits for each stage of the litigation process and penalizes parties for unnecessary delays. It also allows for conducting hearings through modern technology like video conferencing.

Expanded jurisdiction

The law expands the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal to include appeals of judgments issued by Courts of First Instance in civil and commercial disputes not exceeding AED 500,000. This aims to reduce the caseload of the Court of Cassation, the highest court.

Tighter case management

Judges are given more power to proactively manage cases. They can determine the sequence of evidence presentation, limit the number of witnesses, and set time limits for submissions and arguments. They can also penalize parties for abuse of process.

Alternative dispute resolution

The law encourages parties to resolve disputes through mediation and conciliation before resorting to litigation. Courts can refer cases to mediation at any stage of the proceedings and enforce mediated settlement agreements.

The new UAE Civil Procedure Law introduces substantial reforms to streamline and speed up civil litigation in the UAE while upholding principles of justice and due process. With its focus on efficiency, technology adoption, and alternative dispute resolution, it is a step in the right direction.

Key Changes in the New Civil Procedure Law in Dubai and the UAE

The new Civil Procedure Law No. 42 of 2022 brings some key changes that directly impact you.

First, the law aims to speed up the litigation process. Cases must now be resolved within 6-18 months, depending on complexity, or they’ll be dismissed. To meet deadlines, you’ll need to act quickly in providing evidence and scheduling witness testimonies.

Second, the law expands the use of technology in courts. You can now file claims, submit documents, pay fees, and more online. Hearings may also be conducted remotely via video conference. This streamlines the process and reduces in-person interactions.

Third, the law strengthens alternative dispute resolution (ADR) by requiring parties to first seek amicable settlement before litigation. Mediation and reconciliation must be attempted, so be prepared to negotiate. If ADR fails, the case proceeds to court.

Finally, the law enhances transparency. Judgments must contain the rationale and legal basis for decisions. You’ll better understand the court’s position, though judgments can still be appealed within 30 days.

In summary, the new law aims to expedite resolution of civil disputes through technology, mandatory ADR, and transparency. By being proactive, leveraging online services, and willing to mediate, you can navigate the reformed system efficiently. Justice may be swifter, but your rights remain well-protected under the law.

Problems related to UAE civil procedure law No. 42 of 2022

The new UAE Civil Procedure Law 42 of 2022 aims to improve the litigation process, but it is still not without its challenges.

Cost and Time

Cases can drag on for months or even years, racking up high legal fees along the way. The costs and time required to pursue a case through the UAE legal system may deter some from seeking justice.

Language Barriers

The official languages of the UAE court system are Arabic and English. However, not all legal documents and records have been translated, creating difficulties for non-Arabic speakers to understand their cases fully. Interpretation services are not always provided, even though they are required by law.

Enforcement Issues

Even after obtaining a favourable judgment, winning parties face obstacles enforcing the ruling. Defendants may hide or transfer assets to avoid payment. The UAE’s borders also make it easy for defendants to flee the country. These factors undermine the integrity of the UAE judicial system and discourage some from pursuing their legal rights.

While the new Civil Procedure Law introduces some positive reforms, more work is still needed to address shortcomings like cost, duration, language obstacles, and enforcement challenges. Continuous improvement of the UAE legal system will make the courts more accessible and build confidence in the rule of law. With time and effort, UAE Civil Procedure Law 42 of 2022 can achieve its goal of fair, efficient, and transparent justice for all.


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