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Estate Brokers 101
The real estate market is in constant motion, much like the ever-evolving rules that guide it. For estate brokers, staying informed isn’t just a choice; it’s a vital necessity. In pursuit of transparency and safeguarding the interests of all involved parties, the UAE government has introduced new laws. This blog takes a comprehensive dive into...
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Construction Contract Dispute
In Dubai, where multimillion-dollar projects are the norm, the choice of dispute resolution mechanisms in construction contracts can significantly impact the outcome of any potential conflicts. Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, or project owner, understanding these mechanisms is crucial for protecting your interests. In this blog, we will delve into the legal aspects of...
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Commercial Defence Strategies
In Dubai’s bustling metropolis, where commerce thrives, disputes are inevitable. Commercial cases demand deep local legal understanding. Explore Commercial Defence Strategies in this engaging article, demystifying legal jargon for real-world insights.  But beyond the legal jargon, we’ll make sure you understand how these defences play out in the real world, ensuring an engaging and informative...
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UAE's Civil Procedure Law
Are you ready to navigate the latest updates to civil litigation in the UAE? The recently enacted Federal Law No. 42 of 2022 is set to significantly impact how civil cases proceed through the UAE court system. Whether you’re embroiled in an ongoing dispute or just want to understand your rights, this guide will walk...
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Extradition in the UAE
So you’ve decided to make the move to the UAE. The tax-free salaries, year-round sunshine, and luxury lifestyle are calling your name. As an expat, there are a few legal issues you should understand before packing your bags, chief among them the UAE’s extradition policies. The UAE does not have a formal extradition treaty with...
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Class-Action Suit in the UAE
Exploring the Legal Landscape in Dubai Imagine this: A group of passengers on a bus experiences a sudden, unexpected mishap, leaving them all with injuries and damages. In many parts of the world, these affected individuals might join forces to file a class-action lawsuit against the responsible party. But what about the United Arab Emirates...
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Real Estate Regulations in UAE
Dubai, UAE – In a significant development for the New Real Estate Regulations in the UAE, Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Supreme Council Member & Ruler of Fujairah, has recently enacted two pivotal laws – Law No.3 & Law No.4 of 2023. These new regulations have far-reaching implications for property ownership in the Fujairah...
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The Importance and Legalities of Terms and Conditions for Websites: A UAE Perspective
In today’s digital era, websites have become an essential platform for businesses to engage with customers and conduct commerce. As such, it is crucial for website owners to establish clear terms and conditions (T&Cs) that govern the use of their online platforms. UAE Perspective, being a country at the forefront of technological advancements, has recognized...
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Best Dubai legal firm (UAE) | BSB Legal
At BSB Legal, we take pride in being one of the most reputable Dubai legal firm (UAE) , providing comprehensive legal services to businesses and individuals alike. Our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys is committed to delivering exceptional legal solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Why Choose BSB Legal? Expertise:...
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Contract Lawyer In Dubai
Welcome to the official blog of BSB Legal, your go-to destination for all Contract lawyer In Dubai needs in Dubai. In this post, we’ll introduce you to our brand and the essential services we provide to individuals and businesses seeking expert legal counsel in the bustling city of Dubai. Who We Are – BSB Legal: ...
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