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UAE New Domestic Workers Law



UAE government intends to provide more protection and safeguards to domestic workers. Implementing new domestic workers law seems to be a step towards that direction. The legislation will cover housemaids, nannies, cooks, private tutors, home nurses, gardeners etc in the country. The law comes with new offences in case of breach of the rules mentioned thereunder and repeated offenders will be awarded a double penalty.

Some of the penalties are as follows:

In case a person provides false information or fake documents to employ domestic helpers, he will face a penalty of a fine between AED 20,000 and AED 100,000 and up to 6 months imprisonment.

In case a person hires unlicensed workers, recruits without providing a job misuses the permits of domestic workers or closes recruitment agency operations without settling the wages of domestic workers, he will be fined between AED 50,000 and AED 200,000. 

If the person employs an underage worker (below 18 years of age) or assists a worker to abscond or shelters absconding workers to exploit them for illegal activities, he will be liable for up to AED 200,000. Recruitment or employment of an underage domestic worker is strictly prohibited.

In case the employer or a member of his family assaults or harasses the domestic worker, he will be liable for a fine of AED 20,000 for each case.

 Submission of incorrect documents or information for obtaining a benefit will attract a fine between AED 1,000 and AED 10,000 for each case.

Domestic workers have the following entitlements:

  1. Remuneration on time, wages must be paid within 10 days from the day they are due.
  2. Every week one paid rest day.
  3. 30 days of sick leave will be given per year.
  4. Every 2 years, a round-trip ticket home should be provided to the worker if the worker wishes to travel to their native country. If the worker joins some other job then the employer is not under obligation to pay the expenses of the worker’s return.

In addition to the above, the employer has to provide proper accommodation, medical care, safety, meals, clothing and compensation for work-related injuries. A license from the Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) for recruitment or temporary employment of domestic workers is necessary under the new law.


The present law aims to provide a comprehensive legal framework for the rights of domestic workers and contracts governing domestic helpers. “It also protects the rights of domestic helpers and meets the aspirations of both parties, which contributes to reduce labour disputes and the UAE’s competitiveness.” The new domestic worker law came into effect on 15th December 2022. BSB Legal is one of the best DUBAI LEGAL CONSULTANT. Visit for more.