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Legal Aspects of Senior Citizen Rights | BSB Legal


The golden years of life should be a time of comfort and care, but for many elderly individuals in Dubai, it can be challenging without proper support. In this article, we will explore the crucial aspects of elderly rights and caregiving in Dubai under the Family Law. Understanding these legal provisions is vital for ensuring the well-being and dignity of our seniors.

The Legal Framework:

Guardianship under Dubai Family Law: Dubai’s Family Law, as outlined in Article 78 of Law No. (1) of 1999, establishes guardianship for individuals who can no longer make decisions for themselves due to old age or incapacity. The law ensures that elderly individuals receive proper care and protection.

Responsibilities of Guardians: As per Article 79 of Dubai Family Law, guardians are entrusted with the care, financial management, and overall well-being of elderly individuals. They must ensure the elderly person’s needs are met, including healthcare, housing, and emotional support.

Financial Support: Dubai Family Law, under Article 80, mandates that guardians provide for the financial needs of the elderly individual. This includes covering their living expenses, medical bills, and other necessities.

Elderly Rights:

Right to Dignity and Respect:

According to Article 81 of Dubai Family Law, elderly individuals have the unequivocal right to be treated with dignity and respect. Any form of abuse or neglect is strictly prohibited, and the law provides protection against such mistreatment.

Right to Choose Their Guardian:

Dubai Family Law, as mentioned in Article 83, stipulates that if an elderly individual is of sound mind, they have the right to choose their guardian. This choice should be respected unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary.

Right to Healthcare:

Every elderly person is entitled to adequate healthcare, as per Article 85 of Dubai Family Law. The guardian must ensure access to necessary medical services, and any denial of healthcare is a violation of the elderly person’s rights.

Challenges and Solutions:

Financial Exploitation: Financial exploitation is a common challenge for the elderly. Dubai Family Law, under Article 86, includes provisions to protect the assets and financial interests of the elderly. Guardians are responsible for managing these assets prudently.

Access to Legal Remedies: If an elderly individual’s rights are being violated, they have the right to seek legal remedies through Dubai’s judicial system. Article 87 of Dubai Family Law ensures that the elderly have access to the legal system to protect their rights and interests.


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Dubai’s Family Law, with its detailed provisions for guardianship and elderly rights, is committed to safeguarding the rights and well-being of elderly individuals. By understanding these legal provisions and ensuring their proper implementation, we can create a society where our elderly citizens can age gracefully and enjoy their later years with dignity and respect.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the legal framework for elderly rights and caregiving in Dubai, backed by specific laws to guide caregivers and protect the elderly. If you have any further requirements or need additional details, please don’t hesitate to ask.