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UAE has one of the highest per capita GDPs in the world plus the nation is abundant in natural resources. Free trade zones have multiplied franchising opportunities and there are currently over 100 different types of franchises operating in the UAE. Our firm understands the franchise landscape and helps our client to make his dream business a reality with minimum risk and dilution of ownership. We respect and support our client’s passion and drive toward the expansion of their business. our firm lawyers can draft required documents that will give your franchise agreement a robust base and liability protection. The commercial law and franchise agreement would govern the union between the franchisor and the franchisee as there is no special law relating to the establishment of franchises in Dubai. So it becomes our top-most priority to provide our client with a perfect franchise agreement.

Services include:

Advise and assist foreign franchisors launching operations in the UAE; UAE firms expanding by establishing new franchise businesses or acquiring existing franchises and entrepreneurs in the purchase or sale of franchises; drafting contracts and the franchise agreement ensuring the risk of dispute is minimal; dedicated litigation and arbitration teams who are adept at commercial disputes; advice in various sectors; management and sealing if franchise arrangements, structuring franchise programs, co-branding.