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Defenses Against Forgery in Dubai (UAE) | BSB Legal

Facing forgery allegations in Dubai and feeling lost in a sea of legal jargon? You’ve come to the right place. This article serves as your trusted legal companion, offering clear defenses against forgery.

Understanding Forgery in Dubai:

Forgery, in Dubai, refers to the act of altering, creating, or possessing a fraudulent document with the intention to deceive or defraud. This can include forging signatures, government documents, or even cheques. Under Article 216 of Federal Law Number 3 of 1987, forgery is defined as the intentional creation of a counterfeit document.

According to Article 216 of the UAE Federal Penal Code:

“Forgery of an instrument is a change of its genuineness by any of the means stated hereinafter, resulting in damage, for the purpose of using it as a valid instrument.”

If you believe you have been a victim of forgery or are facing forgery charges, don’t hesitate to contact legal professionals who specialize in forgery cases in Dubai.

Types of Forgery:

Forgery in Dubai can be categorized into two main types:

1. Material Forgery: When a forger makes visible alterations in a document, such as changing numbers, marks, or pictures on the document.

2. Moral Forgery: When a forger alters the content’s meaning in a document that was originally created by parties during the editing process.

Defenses Against Forgery:

1. Consult a Lawyer in Dubai:

Your first and most crucial defense against forgery charges is to consult a lawyer in Dubai who specializes in criminal defense. The importance of hiring an experienced legal professional cannot be overstated. They will provide you with expert guidance throughout the legal process, ensuring your rights are protected.

2. Establish Lack of Intent:

In forgery cases, the prosecution must prove that you had the intention to deceive or defraud. Your defense lawyer can argue that you did not have such intent. For example, if you copied someone’s work without intending to deceive others or profit from it, it may not be considered forgery.

3. Lack of Completion:

If the act of forgery was not completed, the court may not consider it forgery. Your defense lawyer can argue that the alleged forgery was incomplete, potentially leading to a lesser charge.

4. Document Authentication:

Forgery law firms in Dubai have experts who can assess the authenticity of documents in question. They can determine whether a document has been tampered with or is a genuine original, which can be crucial in your defense.

Penalties for Forgery in Dubai:

Forgery is not taken lightly in Dubai due to its potential to undermine the country’s economic stability and reputation for being a safe place to conduct business. Penalties for forgery can include imprisonment, fines, and even deportation for expatriates.

According to Article 6 of Federal Decree Number 5 of 2012 on combating cybercrime, individuals guilty of forging an electronic document belonging to federal government authorities face temporary imprisonment and fines ranging from AED 150,000 to AED 750,000. Similar penalties apply to establishments. Facing forgery charges in Dubai is a serious matter that requires immediate legal action. Your best defense is to consult experienced lawyers in Dubai who can guide you through the complexities of the legal system. To protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome, consult a lawyer in Dubai as soon as possible.


For expert legal services in Dubai, turn to BSB Legal – your partners in safeguarding your future and protecting your present, especially in the realm of forgery. Count on us for unwavering support and unmatched legal expertise in the ever-important battle against Forgery in Dubai. Your trust, our commitment – together, we make a formidable team.