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The Agency law and Commercial Code in the UAE are extremely wide and captures all forms of agreements for sale through third parties. Conducting business through local and licensed agents is a popular and attractive option because these arrangements bear less risk and require minimal investment from the principal party. But sometimes issues may arise between the principal and the agent due to non-performance on the part of the agent or the breach of the UAE agency law by the agent failure of the agent to uphold the image of the principal party or violation of the non-compete clause by the agent. Article 1 of the Agency Law defines a commercial agency as: “the representation of a principal by an agent to distribute, sell, display or offer a merchandise or service inside the State in return for a commission or profit”. Further, any commercial agency not registered in the commercial agents register provided by the ministry of economy shall not be heard in a court of law.

Services include:

Act as your registered agent; representations in dispute between agent and principal; assistance in drafting agency contract. Compliance with legal requirements for registration of the contract.